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Canadian court accepts parents' lawsuit against game developer Epic Games

12/12/2022 - 10:31

A class action case against video game maker Epic Games and its Canadian business has been approved by Judge Sylvain Lussier of the Supreme Court of the Canadian province of Quebec.

Parents who claim their children were hooked to the video game Fortnite and nearly stopped eating, sleeping, and taking showers filed the lawsuit against the corporation.

The plaintiffs contend that Fortnite was created with the intent to be extremely addictive. One of the plaintiffs' children reportedly played Fortnite for more than 7,700 hours in less than two years, according to the lawsuit. The World Health Organization's decision to recognize video game addiction as a disease is one of the arguments made by the plaintiffs.

The case does not appear "baseless or willfully unfounded," according to Mr. Lussier, therefore the court will take it into consideration.

A parent can receive data on how much their child has played in the past week, and in-game purchases need parental consent, according to Epic Games, who claims to offer the best parental control capabilities in the whole video game business. "We want to challenge it in court. The facts, in our opinion, will demonstrate that this claim is unfounded", Epic Games notes.