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British American Tobacco invests $3.5 million in health drinks start-up

10/25/2021 - 06:42

Big tobacco company British American Tobacco (BAT) has decided to try investing in nicotine-free products. According to Bloomberg, BAT has invested about $3.5 million in US health drinks startup Tru.

The Tru brand sells carbonated drinks and water-soluble fizzy pills. These products are claimed by the company to have positive effects on a person's energy, concentration and sleep.

More recently, drinks to improve skin, hair and nails have been introduced to the range. According to Jack McNamara, the head of the company, the plan is to make it one of the market leaders and change the industry significantly. The businessman added that by doing so, the Tru brand would challenge giant manufacturers such as Red Bull and Vitamin Water.

The investment in Tru is not British American Tobacco's first investment in wellness drink companies. They include Moment, which specialises in brain-boosting products. A partnership with hangover prevention brand More Labs was also being considered. A third company is Unrooted Drinks - their drinks contain baobab fruit and, according to the company, have many health benefits.