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Brand Finance: Lego becomes more influential than Google

02/02/2017 - 13:35

Research firm Brand Finance has published its latest list of the world’s 500 most expensive and 10 most influential brands. Google tops the most valuable brand’s list, having pushed Apple away. Lego bypassed brands such as Nike and Google in struggle for the first place in the rating of the most influential brands.

InSapphoWeTrust via flickr
InSapphoWeTrust via flickr
Brand Finance’s rating of the world’s 500 most expensive and 10 most influential brands has substantially changed since last year. Apple, the most expensive brand of yester-year, has lost its first place to Google. Now, Brand Finance estimates Google brand at $ 109.5 billion, and Apple’s - at $ 107.1 billion.

«Apple has excessively exploited trust of its customers, yet could not derive enough revenue from new products such as Apple Watch, - explained the paper’s authors. - Its brand has lost its shine and is now forced to compete in the smartphone market not only with traditional rivals, like Samsung, but also with Chinese brands such as Huawei. At that, smart phone market is the main source of income for Apple." Amazon, assessed at $ 106,4 bln., keeps holding the third place.

Compared to last year, the most fast-growing brands are Amazon (+ $ 36,7 billion to value), Facebook (+$ 28 billion) and AT&T ($ 27,1 billion). The top five also includes Google (+ $ 21,3 billion) and Chinese Alibaba (+ $ 16,9 billion). Apple (- $ 38.8 billion), HP (- $ 11.6 billion) and British BT (- $ 6.7 billion) have been the fastest in losing their value.

Danish manufacturer Lego leads the rating of the most influential brands in the current year, having climbed from third place of last year. Brand Finance explains this success by its "The Lego Movie", released in 2014, which was supported by successful sales of related products, launch of a social network and Lego Life application. In addition, the company soon releases its new movie "The LEGO Batman Movie", whose campaign has attracted massive public attention and allowed Lego brand bypass last year's leader, Walt Disney, which fell down to the sixth place. The second most influential brand in the world is Google, and manufacturer of sportswear and shoes Nike is the third.