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Boeing and SpaceX set to increase number of flights to the ISS

10/21/2021 - 08:19

US firms SpaceX and Boeing set to increase flights to the ISS (International Space Station), said John Vollmer, Boeing's Program Manager. He added that a contract with NASA enabled both firms to receive the right to make 3 flights to the station.

European Space Agency
European Space Agency
Mr. Vollmer notes that SpaceX and Boeing are aiming for the right to fly to the station annually.

"We are now aware that the existence of the station will be extended beyond 2024. So we are currently looking for a way to increase the number of flights in contracts of both companies, and we will see the result in the next few months ," he added.

In August, Boeing indefinitely postponed the launch of its CST-100 Starliner to the space station because of engine malfunctions. The first Starliner launch was in winter 2019. The malfunctioning software forced the aborted unmanned mission, the purpose of which was the ISS. The docking failed, causing the Starliner to enter an unplanned orbit and later land in the desert in New Mexico.