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Blue Origin sets to build more rockets for space tourism

02/22/2022 - 05:56

Blue Origin CEO Bob Smith announced that the company plans to produce more New Shepard rockets in order to accommodate the growing demand for space tourism. He mentioned this at a seminar on commercial space transportation convened by the US Federal Aviation Administration in Washington, D.C.

Mr. Smith stated: "I believe the primary challenge for Blue Origin at this point is that we can't meet all of the demand," reports CNBC.

Blue Origin launched three passenger flights in 2021, carrying 14 passengers into space, as well as one cargo flight for research. In 2022, the airline could "easily double" the number of flights, according to Bob Smith.

The cost of a space capsule seat has yet to be determined by the corporation. However, as reported by CNBC, tickets for the first flight were auctioned off for $28 million. Earlier this week, Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos announced that about $100 million in seats had already been sold, and Bob Smith said during the conference that "thousands of people participate in auctions to buy tickets" and that the New Shepard flights are in "high demand."