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Bloomberg: Hollywood is getting ready for massive writers' strike

05/01/2023 - 06:04

Hollywood film studios are on the cusp of the largest writers' strike in the last 15 years as a contract between writers and studios expires, writes Bloomberg.

The City Project
The City Project
"The first significant strike in 15 years is about to occur in Hollywood. The agreement between the Writers Guild of America and Hollywood studios ends on May 1st, according to the newspaper.

The two parties have been in and out of conversations over the past few weeks. Bloomberg lists copyright issues, low pay, and difficult working conditions, notably when dealing with streaming services like Netflix, among the strike’s causes.

"Streaming services are placing fewer orders for episodes each season, favoring an average of about 10 episodes... This typically implies that fewer writers are employed by each show, and those that are, are paid less." The typical minimum compensation for writers is not increasing in line with episode costs, the newspaper notes.

Bloomberg claims that the strike's effect on movie production will depend on how long it lasts. If the strikes last a long time, movie studios won't be able to make shows by the fall.