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Away But Never Far From Home: Smart Homes Controlled By Smart Phones Have Hit The Market

04/06/2015 - 15:41

NAHB has launched its new smart homes, in Vegas, which are environmental friendly and yet incorporates cutting edge technologies.
Keeping in line with the modern lifestyle, the said houses can be operated through respective smart phones.

Las Vegas – 06 April 2015 – The work of the National Association of Home Builders, shortly called NAHB, who has been constructing premium house in the country, has been witnessed by Las Vegas, reports, Debi Pittman Wilkey. The NAHB has been making a consistent effort of providing top class, artistically designed homes since the year of 1984. Presently, it is bringing its inspiration of energy efficient homes that are real world laboratories, a “homecoming” treat to the tech-savvy people. The building engineering and designs on a custom based principle provide a “peek into the future”. These very homes of America, customarily designed, showcase the new housing products demonstrating the advanced techniques used to build and design each houses. Like any other year, the annual International Builder Show, which was held in the month of January, has unveiled the latest products of National Association of Home Builders. The DIY project launched by NAHB in collaboration with the construction company based at Las Vegas, called Blue Heron Properties, allowed NAHB to bring the show there. The owner of Blue Heron Properties, Tyler Jones, who also headed this year’s home show at Vegas, says: "The purpose of the home is for people to seek great ideas or things they can use, whether they're designing or building a new home, or just looking for ways to improve their current home." The inspiration of the house plans were drawn from the “contemporary desert design” which touches upon the trend connecting to one’s device as a growing need of modern lifestyle. In Tucker Bernard’s words, who is the director of the project called “New American Home” along with NAHB: "(T)his year it's specifically designed to demonstrate the capabilities of an integrated home automation system”. The innovations incorporated in the house designs are to satisfy the busy lifestyle module of corporate people who wishes “to stay connected to their homes via smart phones or laptops while on the road or in the office”. The long listed features of the said houses also include mostly cutting-edge technologies that blend tastefully the touch of luxury and environment friendly atmosphere, so as to cater both the customers “environmentally conscious” ones along with the luxury seekers. The U.S.A. Today even talks about raising the “IQ” of your homes with the help of your “smart gadgets”, which is made possible due to the intelligent usage of “energy-efficient technologies” in the materials used for construction. The technology aspects include low-E windows to reduce “energy consumption”, solar panels to generate required electricity, customized water saving modules, tank-less water heating system, net-zero appliances and LED lighting system that are energy-efficient. In fact, lawn watering, controlling garage door, adjusting the lights’ brightness, lowering thermostat, maneuvering window shades, operating dryers or washers and unlocking the doors can all be affected with the help of your smart phones while you sit comfortably on your chair. Furthermore, certain “camera-equipped vacuums” even automatically keep the house clean and tidy. As Bernard puts it: "These homes are about reflecting a certain lifestyle, and we want to make sure everything in the home is leading-edge." References: