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Authors of Mobile Pokemon to Get $ 30 Million from Google and Nintendo

10/15/2015 - 17:25

Google, Nintendo and The Pokemon Company will invest 30 million dollars in the studio Niantic, specializing in a game with augmented reality techniques.

The funds will be spent primarily on creation of a mobile game of Pokémon Go, announced on September 10.

Niantic has also reported it is going to use investments to improve the game Ingress, released in 2012, and prepare new entertainment projects with elements of augmented reality. Niantic will allocate 20 million immediately, and another 10 million will be received under certain obligations.

Niantic was founded by John Hanke, one of the authors of the project “Google Earth”. In August 2015, the startup announced its independence from Google. The company gained notoriety after the release of Ingress - multiplayer game for mobile devices. To cope with the tasks proposed therein, users must travel the real world.

Mobile games of Pokémon became possible after the March 2015 Nintendo has announced a change of strategy for the development of smart phones and tablets. Previously, the company was of the view that its game loops should not appear on other platforms.

Earlier it was announced that the series will be complemented with the release of a mobile game Pokemon Go, which uses methods of the so-called augmented reality. New items are prepared for devices running iOS and Android.

The Pokemon game invites to search and catch Pokemon creatures, and then arrange matches of their pets with foreign wards. Typically, the main issues of the series come in two varieties, which differ in the set available for the recruitment of monsters. To collect a complete set, users need to exchange Pokemons with other users.