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Apple will raise App Store prices in Europe and some Asian countries in October

09/21/2022 - 09:53

Changes in App Store prices will impact both in-app purchases and transactions. Price increases will begin on October 5 and may impact some Asian markets and countries that use the euro.

HS You via flickr
HS You via flickr
According to a statement on the company’s official website, Apple will increase pricing on the App Store starting on October 5 in select European and Asian markets. It is not stated to what the price adjustments relate.

Apple notes that price changes in the App Store will have an impact on both purchases of applications and transactions made within of them. Except for Montenegro, all nations that use the euro will be impacted by the changes, along with Sweden, South Korea, Poland, Chile, Malaysia, Egypt, Pakistan, Japan, and Vietnam, claims Apple. Applications in nations that use the euro will now cost a minimum of €1.19 instead of €0.99, which is an increase of 20%.

The Verge points out that the price adjustment might be related to variations in the exchange rate relative to the dollar. For instance, the business decreased the minimum application fee on its website from €1.09 to €0.99 in 2021.