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Apple will appeal Brazil's ban on selling iPhones without chargers

09/08/2022 - 07:35

The Brazilian government's restriction on selling iPhones without chargers was announced by Apple Inc. on Tuesday. The company refutes allegations that it provides consumers with a subpar product.
Apple was fined $12.275 million reais ($2.38 million) by Brazil's Justice Ministry and told to stop selling iPhone 12 and newer versions. Additionally, Apple must stop marketing any iPhone models that lack a charger.

The ministry said that the device is missing a crucial component and "is being employed in an intentionally discriminatory activity against consumers" in a judgement that was published in the country's official newspaper on Tuesday.

Authorities disagreed with Apple's claim that the action was taken to lower carbon emissions. They claimed that there is no proof that selling smartphones without a charger helps to safeguard the environment.

While concurrently contesting the Justice Department's ruling, Apple stated that it would continue to cooperate with Senacon, Brazil's consumer protection organization, to "allay their worries."

According to the business, "We have already prevailed in a number of cases in Brazil pertaining to this subject, and we are certain that our consumers are aware of the many methods to charge and connect their devices."