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Apple to sell parts for DYI repair

11/18/2021 - 07:40

For the first time Apple will allow users to repair devices themselves. It will launch sales of parts and tools and provide instructions for doing so.

Apple has announced the launch of Self Service Repair, which will allow users to repair the company's devices.

Before making their own repairs, users will have to study instructions. Afterwards, customers will be able to order genuine Apple parts and tools from a dedicated online shop - there will be more than 200 individual parts available. After the repair, users can recycle used parts and get a cashback on their next purchase. Do-it-yourself repairs at home shouldn't violate the warranty, but that may happen if new damage occurs during the repair process, TechCrunch wrote.

The program will first become available to fix iPhone 12 and 13, then it will be expanded to Mac laptops powered by the proprietary M1 processor. The service will be launched first in the US in early 2022 and then expanded to other countries. Initially, Apple will provide self-service repair options for major smartphone parts such as the display, battery and camera. Later, the list will grow.

Apple is known for its tight control over the repair of its devices, which is centered around its branded Apple Stores and authorised service centers, The Wall Street Journal noted. In the case of repairs outside of certified centres, the company can then deny official service. However, over the summer, the administration of US President Joe Biden urged the Federal Trade Commission to fight such restrictions, the newspaper wrote in July.