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Apple to come up with three new iPhones in 2018

02/27/2018 - 11:56

In 2018, American Apple Inc intends to release three new models of the iPhone. There will be the largest smartphone ever made by the company, a new model of the iPhone X, as well as a less expensive version with some of the key functions of the flagship smartphone, Bloomberg reported with reference to informed sources.

Dibyajyoti Kabi  via pexels
Dibyajyoti Kabi via pexels
The model, code-named D33, will have a resolution of 1242 x 2688with one of the largest screens of about 6.5 inches, the source said. Its body will be comparable to the iPhone 8 Plus, but will be about an inch wider due to the "frameless" screen.

The model will retain technologies such as OLED, as well as the Face ID function to unlock the screen and make payments. It is expected that the model will interest business representatives, as it will allow to write e-mails and work with tabs.

Apple plans to provide the opportunity to use the D33 with two SIM cards for some markets. However, a final decision on this matter has not yet been made. The company may prefer E-SIM technology, which allows to connect to different cellular operators without the need for a second SIM card.

According to sources, Apple expects to attract a growing number of users interested in phablets, as well as customers wishing to purchase a more affordable version of the iPhone X. Like the updated iPhone X, the D33 can get the A12 processor. In addition to the basic colors, both models will be presented in gold color. Apple abandoned this color in the iPhone X, but has now changed its previous decision, hoping to attract more buyers to the Asian market, where the gold-colored smartphones are very popular, notes Bloomberg.

The updated iPhone X, codenamed D32, will be the direct "heir" of the iPhone X, preserving its size. The new version of iPhone X will also work on A12 processors. Its budget version will have an LCD screen similar to that of the iPhone 8.

Sales of the iPhone X, which appeared on the market last year, were not as successful as expected. Apple sold 77.3 million iPhone X in the IV quarter of 2017, which is below the consensus forecast at 80.2 million devices. Some of the potential buyers were frightened off by the price of the device in $ 1 thousand, despite the attractive design, and this year Apple intends to present the iPhone model "for everyone".

Apple already conducts tests with suppliers and is expected to introduce new devices in the fall of this year. Nevertheless, the company's plans may still change, the sources note. Officially, Apple does not comment on rumors. The company's shares rose 2.1% to $ 179.18 on the eve.