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Apple reveals Dark Mode for iOS

06/04/2019 - 12:31

Apple introduced a new version of iOS 13 and a whole series of new products at the annual conference for WWDC developers.

A new, dark mode will appear in iOS 13. The developers promise to improve performance - applications should open twice as fast, and the Face ID function can launch a locked screen 30% faster. In addition, application and system updates will take up half the memory space.

Another innovation in iOS is the ability to share sound from your device into two pairs of AirPods headphones.

In addition, the company has updated its keyboard and added swipe to it. In addition, Reminders app has been completely updated, along with Notes, Safari browser, Apple Mail. Besides, Apple Maps received a feature similar to Google Street View.

The iPad version of the mobile system is now called iPadOS. The main screen will display widgets, and the option to add multiple applications will appear in multitasking mode.