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Apple allows NFT transactions in App Store apps

10/26/2022 - 10:12

Apple permitted apps running on its devices to carry out NFT transactions.

Glen Bledsoe
Glen Bledsoe
According to updated guidelines for app verification before they are published to the App Store, Apple has approved the sale of NFTs (non-exchangeable tokens) using a payment tool integrated into its smartphone apps.

The permission enables creation, listing for sale, and purchase of NFTs. Apps can display users' NFT collections as well as those of other users as long as possessing a token does not grant access to any of the app's additional features. The guidelines specify that the apps cannot have any buttons, external connections, or other features that would let users make NFT purchases outside of the app.

Apple also allows publishing apps by cryptocurrency exchanges and other programs that permit trading in digital tokens and currencies, according to the rules, as long as the exchanges possess necessary permits from the governments where the apps are distributed.