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Apple Car, The Most Expected New Car Model Ever

09/22/2015 - 16:16

Apple plans to start production of its first electric vehicle in 2019. It is reported by The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), citing informed sources.

The project was code-named “Titan”. The managers were allowed to increase staff from 600 to 1,800 people to implement the idea. Company representatives also met with the authorities of California to resolve some questions about the car production.

Sources reports that the company has no plans to make its first electric car fully autonomous. Apple has hired several experts on unmanned vehicles, but the possibility of such a project remains part of the long-term plans.

The publication suggests that the corporation can take into account its own experience gained from the creation of iPhone during the construction of the vehicle. For example, experience in areas such as batteries, sensors as well as software and hardware would be very useful to Apple.

In addition, according to the WSJ, the future body type of the electric vehicle is thought to be a minivan.

It is possible that Apple has strengthened the team for the development CarPlay – the iPhone system integration with the onboard car computer, which the company introduced last year.

More recently, Apple has hired the head of Centre for Research and Development Mercedes-Benz in Silicon Valley Johann Jungwirth, as evidenced by his account on LinkedIn. In addition, the company is actively engaging experts in the field of robotics.

The research laboratory, developing the project, was established late last year after Apple introduced the new iPhone and Apple Watch. The attempt to create their own car can dramatically change the company's business – cars connected to the network with a full range of software services are considered to be one of the most promising niches for the development for technology companies.