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American coal miners and nuclear power plants are refused subsidies

01/09/2018 - 14:19

Federal regulators rejected a controversial proposal by the US Presidential Administration of Donald Trump, which was supposed to support coal companies, CNNMoney writes.

Jiří Sedláček
Jiří Sedláček
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) rejected Energy Minister Rick Perry's request for subsidies for coal-fired power plants and nuclear power.

Perry referred to the need to improve stability of the country's energy system, which is especially true for work during severe weather conditions. The Office reported that Perry could not prove the need to subsidize coal and nuclear power plants.

At the same time, the commission agreed with the need to create a stable electric system, instructing network operators to submit proposals on strengthening the energy system within 60 days, after which the commission will decide whether additional actions are necessary.

The proposal, supported by coal mining companies such as Murray Energy, was seen as an attempt to help the coal and nuclear industries.

In particular, in recent years the coal industry has suffered from the development of clean energy, such as natural gas and solar energy, as well as more stringent regulation in the field of ecology.

The FERC consists of five members of four persons appointed by President Donald Trump, three of them Republicans. The decision of the commission is mandatory for execution.