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Amazon introduces smart shopping carts

07/16/2020 - 07:19

Amazon introduced smart shopping carts for offline stores. The carts independently scan the goods in the basket and automatically debit money from the buyer's card upon exiting.

Shinya Suzuki
Shinya Suzuki
Amazon, owned by the world's richest billionaire Jeff Bezos, has introduced smart shopping carts in supermarkets, CNBC reported. They are called Dash Carts and will appear in a new Amazon grocery store in Los Angeles, scheduled to open in 2020.

Smart carts use the cashless Just Walk Out technology, which allows buying goods without cash registers. It is already being used in Amazon Go stores, the first of which opened in 2018.

To use the Smart Cart, a shopper must have an Amazon account and a smartphone. Upon entering the store, the user scans the QR code in the Amazon app. The cameras in the Dash Carts then track which items the customer has put in or taken out. The built-in scales weigh the goods if necessary (a four-digit code must be entered on the display for products sold by weight). The scanner reads coupons and discounts.

The display on the front panel of the cart shows the total purchase price and then a receipt is generated. When leaving the store, the purchase amount is automatically withdrawn from the buyer's bank card, a copy of the receipt is sent to him by e-mail.

Smart carts are designed for small to medium-sized grocery stores when shoppers leave with one or two bags of goods.