The Strategist

Amazon becomes the biggest purchaser of renewable energy in the US

06/24/2021 - 03:44

Amazon has announced 14 new renewable power purchase agreements in North America and Europe, making it the largest US corporate purchaser of renewable energy.

The company now has a total of 232 renewable energy projects, including 85 solar and wind projects and 147 solar panel projects on shops and offices around the world. Including previous agreements, Amazon's total involvement in creating renewable energy projects is 10 GW.

New agreements include a 375 MW solar farm in Canada that will start operating in 2022, a 52 MW wind farm in Finland, a 152 MW solar farm in Spain, etc. The energy from the solar and wind farms, which Amazon will receive as part of the latest package of agreements, will be used to power the company's offices, order processing and fulfillment centres and data storage and processing centres. Overall, the company plans to power all of its operations entirely with renewable energy by 2025 and achieve zero carbon emissions by 2040.

The company's activity is in line with the general trend for technology companies to develop renewable energy projects.