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Airbus to launch flying transport in Paris

05/16/2019 - 12:38

European Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation Airbus has signed an agreement with the Paris Autonomous Transportation Directorate (RATP). It concerns the use urban air transport made by Airbus in the territory of Paris, more precisely in its airspace.

We are talking about the program UAM (Urban Air Mobility), under which Airbus is currently creating a number of flying devices. According to the corporation, they have a bright future, because by 2030 about 60% of the world population will live in cities. Disruptions in transport is inevitable in this case, all sorts of congestion, delays in the delivery of goods threaten losses to the global economy at an annual rate of $ 600 billion.

Currently, under this program, the corporation is developing Skyways unmanned aerial vehicle for delivering small cargoes, in particular various parcels. It will land on the building of the receiving station, in which the parcel will be sent by an automatic manipulator to a separate locker, the number and code to which will be communicated to the client. In this case, a whole network of receiving stations will be created in the city so that customers can quickly get to them. Flights will be carried out strictly along the designated air corridors.

Another project, VOOM, is a quick order of helicopters that are operatively located on the designated landing sites of the city, a kind of air taxi. In the future, the company expects to create large passenger drones with four propellers. This program, Pop Up Next, is being developed in collaboration with Audi and the Italdesign design center.