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7 signs that you are turning into a terrible boss

05/24/2019 - 12:11

Nobody wants to become a devil-like boss. But sometimes transformation from a class teacher to a hated boss happens unnoticed.

Here are seven signs you are turning to a terrible boss: 

1. You’re telling your employees to work longer but leave early yourself

You are number 1 for your subordinates. Your actions are an example to follow. Employees are watching you and believe that they can do the same. When you assign something to your employees, ask them to it today, but go home yourself, you undermine your image within the team. 

A true leader is always true to his words. If the project is really important, he will never leave work erlier than his subordinates. Stick to the behavior that you broadcast to the team. Do not try to “educate” employees with beautiful speeches. Better show a cool example.

2. You consider yourself indispensable

The feeling of being indispensable for a manager is fraught with failure. Instead of improving business performance and solving important company tasks, you spend all your time controlling employees and working for them. You may not know everything. Someone will do the job better than you. Accept these two facts and learn to delegate. Free up your time to manage, not perform.

Do not prove to your employees that the stickers need to be glued in a certain way or align the column names in the table along the right edge. Give the team the opportunity to make decisions themselves, rather than stand behind their backs trying to improve performance.

3. You deny emotions of employees

“Leave your emotions at home” - this phrase can often be heard from those who do deny emotional background of employees in the workspace. Do not forget that mood is a part of the workflow. Thanks to emotions, employees can over-fulfill a plan, or they can spoil a project with bad ideas. Analyze attitude to work as carefully as the financial component of the company.

4. You always refuse your team’s offers 

Cool ideas come in many shapes and sizes. Your refusals to proposals of employees may cause demoralization of the whole team. And you will lose cool ideas. Often, “no” equates to “I don't care about you and your ideas.” Do not be too conservative. Open your channels to a new stream of information from employees. 

5. You have favorites

The fastest way to turn from a great boss to a disgusting one is to find favorites. Many managers deny this, but some employees receive more than others.

Is there someone whom you give more authority? Which of your employees has more freedom? Get rid of this practice. Impartiality to your team is one of the keys to success.

6. You expect employees to approach you with questions

You are the leader. You have the power to dismiss, deprive of bonuses and “reward” with reprimands. This is what any employee who has difficulties or questions thinks. Inborn respect for power will not allow him to come to you and talk about his "problems." If you opened the door and asked everyone to enter it without knocking, do not expect employees to come to you for help. Become the initiator of communication.

7. You are restricting, not helping

Coming up with new restrictions for employees is easy. Reduce lunch time to work longer. Remove coffee breaks because they adversely affect the work. Prohibit headphones. Restrict access to Facebook on workstations. Restrictions are important. Borders will help work efficiently. Instead of another ban, think of something that can improve the team. What would be an extra reason to stay at work longer? What can motivate and engage workers? 

Based on “Herding Tigers. Be the Leader That Creative People Need” by Todd Henry

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