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28 Chinese developers are up in arms against Apple

08/10/2017 - 14:31

28 Chinese application developers have filed a complaint to regulators against Apple. In their opinion, Apple exploits its dominant position in the market by removing applications created by local developers without valid reasons. In addition, the complaint points out that App Store does not have an official registration in China.

Mario Roberto Duran Ortiz
Mario Roberto Duran Ortiz
According to The Wall Street Journal, 28 Chinese mobile application developers have filed a complaint against Apple: in their opinion, the company abuses its dominant position in the market. Lin Wei, lawyer from Dare & Sure, a law firm representing the developers, said on Tuesday he filed a complaint with the State Development and Reform Committee, which, among other things, acts as an antitrust regulator, as well as in the State Administration of Industry and Trade.

The complaint states that Apple, without good reason, removes applications created by Chinese developers from the App Store, and also sets too high a charge for purchases in applications. According to ASO 100 company, recently Apple launched a large-scale campaign to combat mobile applications, which do not meet the standards. The corporation removed 58 thousand Chinese applications only in June.

According to Dare & Sure, Chinese developers have not received a clear explanation of why the mobile applications were removed. In addition, in some cases, they have to wait months for the application to be checked and returned to App Store. Another complaint is that Apple usually does not respond to requests in Chinese, which also puts local developers at a disadvantage. 

"Steve Jobs represented the American dream. But Apple's unequal attitude to young Chinese developers prevents them from realizing the Chinese dream", Mr. Lin said. He added that App Store does not have an official registration in China, that is, the application store has not received a license to distribute online content. Qi Huan, head of the China Institute for International Antitrust Law and Investment, says: "According to Chinese rules, App Store must have a legal entity in China. However, it is still unregistered for some reason. " Apple said that the company operates in accordance with Chinese law and seeks to attract local developers.

According to IDC, revenues from App Store in China were higher last year than in any other country in the world. App Store also benefits from the fact that Google Play, a similar app store for Android, is blocked in China. At the same time, Apple's revenue in Greater China as a whole for the last year ended July 1 fell by 10% due to increasingly fierce competition with local smartphone manufacturers.