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iPhones with New Touch Sensitive Technology to Create New Gaming Sensation

03/12/2015 - 10:53

Wall Street Journal offers a glimpse into the Apple’s upcoming iPhone launch which is about to integrate the “Force Touch Technology”.
Consequently, a seemingly promising dawn awaits to be explored which could lead to a revolutionary future of the gaming world.

The Wall Street Journal- 3 March 2015- revealed that the “Force Touch technology” which appears in the latest version of Macbook and Apple’s Watch, will now be available in the iPhone plus and the standard as well, according to an unknown source, who is supposedly a regular supplier of Apple products.

Essentially the technology of “Force Touch” found in the display of “Apple Watch” and in the trackpad of the latest Macbook, works on the nuances of touch intensity, for example it has the ability to decipher soft tap that slightly touches the surface from a heavy one that lingers a little longer and applies more force altogether.

The “Force Touch technology” featuring in the “Apple Watch” is a testimony to the fact that Apple has had an inclination for this technology on a mobile device and the revealed information about the possible incorporation of “Force Touch technology” into its iPhones, comes only as a reinforcement to that belief. The aim behind this step is to provide the users a novel experience of interacting with their Apple gadgets, which will explore a new method of communicating through the language of “Force Touch technology” like the one visible in Safari which enables one to access Wikipedia information with a light touch whereas a hard contact on the mail address allows one to view the place in the Maps.
Every time a new integration of technology meets a device making it more powerful, it offers a whole range of opportunities for the “creative developers”. Likewise, the incorporation of “Force Touch technology” into the iPhone plus and iPhone standard is pointing finger at the possible future of Gaming and other apps. According to Jay McGregor the touch sensitive iPhones can play a game changing role in gaming apps to get rid of on-screen buttons which take away a significant amount of place on the display screens. He says: 
“Instead of half of the display being taken up by an on-screen d-pad and buttons, controls could be assigned to different levels of applied pressure.”

However, not everybody is on the same page with the “Force Touch technology” being included in the iPhone. Some are of the opinion that it could even affect the Apple’s growth as relying on specific hardware means singling itself out which will reduce Apple’s access to the competitive smart phone market. IHS technology’s Director of Mobile Analysis, Ian Fogg expresses his views by adding:
“The more unique hardware experiences which Apple delivers, and the more iPhone apps take advantage of those innovations, the more differentiated the iPhone will be from rival Android smartphones. Once an app relies on an Apple-specific hardware feature it increases the difficulty of porting those apps to competitor smartphones.”

As far as the look of the next iPhone launch concerns, Wall Street Journal’s source hints at minimum external changes which will include a wider variety of color like a combination of pink and gold or “space grey” to go with a few shades of silver and will maintain the previous size of 4.7 inch by 5.5 inch with a slight resolution difference. Nevertheless, Apple is looking forward to release an internal water proof mechanism which will use a combination of “electromagnetic interference shield” and “a hydrophobic coating” to get rid of existing “sealed casing” currently available at the market.