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Zuckerberg: Repairing breaches in Facebook will take several years

04/04/2018 - 14:55

It will not be possible to solve the problem with the security of data in Facebook in a few months, said the founder of the social network Mark Zuckerberg.

According to him, about 14 thousand people are working to ensure security of information in the company, but even they will need several years to solve this problem.

"I would like us to overcome this, but it will take several years... I would like to say that we will solve all these problems in three or six months, but the reality is that the solution of some of these issues will take a longer period of time", - said Zuckerberg in an interview with Vox.

To fix the issue as soon as possible, the company plans to expand the staff to 20 thousand people already this year. "At the beginning of last year, I think we had 10,000 people working on security, but we are planning that we will have 20,000 in this area by the end of this year," Zuckerberg added.

Meanwhile, a major shareholder of Facebook wished Zuckerberg's resignation as head of the company. Scott Stringer, controller of the City Hall of New York, called for changes in the Facebook board after the scandal with the leakage of personal data. 

Stringer believes that an independent chairman of the board should replace Zuckerberg, and the board should include three new directors with experience in data management and ethics to strengthen the supervision of Facebook's initiatives to protect personal data.

Zuckerberg has a controlling stake in voting shares, which does not give other investors the right to manage the company.

In early March, journalists accused the British analyst company Cambridge Analytica of illegally using Facebook user data during the election campaign of Donald Trump. According to the Channel 1 investigation, the company participated in more than 200 election campaigns around the world, including in Nigeria, Kenya, the Czech Republic, India and Argentina. The investigation notes that the company resorted to bribes and spreading false information and compromising information about candidates.

Founder and head of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg published a statement about the illegal collection of personal information by Cambridge Analytica. He acknowledged that his company was responsible for the data of his users.