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Zuckerberg Looks Forward to Thoughts Teleportation

07/01/2015 - 16:18

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg believes that a technology transferring full thoughts from person to person eventually has to be invented. He expressed this opinion, answering questions on 30 June.

Jason McELweenie via flickr
Jason McELweenie via flickr
- You would be able to think about anything and instantly share these thoughts, if you wish, - he suggested. According to him, this will be the most advanced stage of development of communication technologies. Development, he said, occurs in two areas: the possibility of getting richer exchange of information - from the text to the media, and people increasingly able to communicate as often as they want - from extremely personal meetings to the possibility of contact with people anytime, from anywhere through mobile devices.

Zuckerberg also talked about the company's research in the field of artificial intelligence. According to him, their purpose - is Facebook to understand what users share with each other. For example, if a user publishes a photo with a friend, the network must ensure that the friend saw the same photo. If a person publishes a photo of themselves with a dog, the FB should give him the opportunity to find other dog lovers. To this end, the social network is to be built into artificial intelligence system that receives and analyzes information better than a man, he said.
Now, there are systems being designed to work with visual content; they will be able to recognize the various objects in the photos and videos and determine the context in which a photo or video is used. Those systems are also being taught to speech-to-text work with the audio content and being able to answer questions posed to any living language. Zuckerberg promised to provide other developments in the near future. In general, the  services are intelligent, the more useful they are to the user, he said.

Also, Zuckerberg commented on the acquisition of Oculus VR startup to develop head-mounted display. Facebook is investing in development in the field of virtual reality, as he believes that the communication and computer technologies future depends on these devices, and they will be as popular as mobile phones today. Also, the use of this technology will get the media content to a new quality, which will not be limited by text, photo and video.

Stephen Hawking turned to be among Zuckerberg’s interviewers. He asked what fundamental questions of science he is interested in. Zuckerberg answered that he is more interested in everything connected with the people, what will allow us to live forever, how can we possibly cure diseases, how the brain works, what's inside the learning process and how you can help people to know a million times more information. He was also interested in whether there is a fundamental mathematical law that regulates relations in the society and defines the interests and propensities of man.