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World's Most Ethical Companies

03/10/2015 - 15:10

Consulting company Ethisphere Institute has published the list of 132 most ethical companies of the world. Fifteen companies have never left the rating for 9 years of its existence.

World's Most Ethical Companies
By the end of 2014 the number of holders of this title slightly decreased compared to the previous year and amounted to 132 companies that represent 21 countries. In this case, 15 of them receive this award for the ninth time in a row, and 11 were awarded for the very first time.

The only automaker included became Ford Motor Company. Ethisphere Institute said that "innovation, transparency, communication and responsibility" were the key factors when making a decision on inclusion Ford in the list.

It is noted that, according to research, the company's reputation in the field of ethics and trust plays a significant role in making purchasing decision.

Ethisphere® Institute is a leading international think tank of the development, improvement and sharing best practices in business ethics, corporate social responsibility, anti-corruption and sustainability. The Institute issues a quarterly magazine, which publishes the internationally recognized rating World's Most Ethical Companies Ranking ™.

The Institute is the only organization authorized to carry out independent certification of internal corporate compliance programs standards and codes of ethics. In particular, the Institute conducts EthicsInside® Certification), authorization leadership on standards compliance (Compliance Leader Verification ™), as well as the authorization of anti-corruption programs (Anti-Corruption Program Verification ™).

Business Ethics Leadership Alliance ™ established by the Institute consists of more than 100 leading corporations, universities and institutions that work on solving problems in meeting the standards using shared experience, expertise and innovative ideas.

World's Most Ethical Companies Ranking ™ is based on applications submitted by companies from around the world. According to a new study, the manner, in which the company conducts its business, is considered as important as the fact, what products and services it provides. Valuation techniques include analysis of codes of business ethics, information about the judicial investigations and violations of regulatory requirements; assessment of investment in innovation and implementation of sustainable business practices, actions aimed at improving the life of the community; and study candidates proposed by business leaders, industry representatives, suppliers and customers.

In the final list of winners get only those who have demonstrated the best results in five categories: compliance with regulations and ethics, social activities and responsibilities of the company, corporate culture ethics, corporate governance and, finally, leadership, innovation and reputation.

The nomination was carried out in 50 different industry sectors. Among the winners there are such companies as GE, Google Inc., Hennes & Mauritz (H&M), Marks and Spencer, PepsiCo, SingTel, Voya Financial and Wipro Limited. The only ethical media in the list is the Thomson Reuters agency. According to Ethisphere Institute ranking grows due to new foreign markets - Hong Kong, India, Brazil et cetera. Why so much attention? Experts believe that the presence in the list of WME is useful in different moments - for example, when hiring employees. Researches have shown that people are more likely to want to work in an organization that recognizes their personal values. Moreover, employees are more loyal to such organizations.

In addition, companies can focus their marketing materials on the fact of presence in WME ranking. It may be useful to attract customers, particularly in emerging markets where the brand is not known yet.
Analyzing the new initiatives in the ethical sphere, the organizers say that every year the bar rises higher as more and more companies are realizing that the culture of ethics is not only a competitive advantage, but also a major factor in achieving strong financial performance.

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