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Why Blog?

06/24/2015 - 17:20

John Jantsch, the creator of applied marketing system, talks about how to make word-of-mouth marketing for your product and recommend it to others in his book "The Referral Engine: Teaching Your Business to Market Itself".

One of the tools of promotion are personal blogs of leading employees. Jantsch comes up with 8 powerful arguments in favor of blogging:

- Personally, I'm blogging for a long time and I can say with confidence that this is the single greatest value that I possess. It is this activity that provided me countless meetings with national publishers, has helped to publish my first book, and cooperate with hundreds of thousands of small business owners.

My blog is an incredible source of information for the search engines and place for my product. But even if this were not so, knowing everything that I know, I still kept a blog.

Some of the main advantages of blogging are accessible to everyone, and no matter how many subscribers it has. It is not that we see a blog as a new word in media marketing, or software, used by bloggers, has some magical powers. The fact is that the very fact of writing about something (a business or hobby), I'm interested in what I have learned and I can not help but share it with others, worth its weight in gold.

I started blogging not for these reasons, but I advise everyone to do it precisely because of them.

Blog makes me think constructively. Creating content for a short blog, which opens a new perspective on everyday things, or find simple solutions to seemingly very complicated problems, I believe that now, my vision of the business has changed significantly.

Blog teaches me to be a better listener. Participating in a conversation or listening to an interview on the radio, I listen as a writer. I often notice that my head is full of ideas, publications, because sometimes I listen to the debate of quite another field of activity.

Blog makes me a better author. Through daily practice, I began to write better. This does not mean that I'm the best writer in the world, but we cannot deny the fact that my qualifications increased to a certain extent. Of course, public letters and receiving an instant response from the community will teach you to write faster.

Blog teaches me to sell better. I am writing in a conversational manner, and often do so in order to sell the idea or even a special tactics. It's awesome, and I noticed that the ideas, quite accurately expressed in a post, strengthen my ability to quickly reproduce them at the time of sale or at an interview. It's like to create the Reserve Bank with a pre-prepared questions for discussion.

Blog teaches me to be a better public speaker. This follows from the previous point, but I want to add that, while working on a blog with interesting topics that readers cannot help but read, you can one day create excellent presentation materials.

Blog makes me focus on education. The discipline, required to create interesting content in a certain style, challenges me to study something popular, new, already expressed or unsaid. And I'm looking for ways to apply it in the world of small business.

The blog allows me to check the ideas into practice. I made some incredible discoveries, based on instantaneous and sometimes hot-tempered responses of readers. And by the way, I had a few failures.

Blog makes me more sociable. I met a lot of writers who are eager to share with me the ideas and useful links, as well as practical advice. Some relationships have grown into professional, while others have turned into sincere, personal and friendly. (Communication and beverages at the conference really contribute to this.)

Blog helps me come up with original ideas. First you simply testing their ideas in it. Over time, the habit of creating content allows you to generate even more interesting ideas that can be successfully applied in other areas. More than once, I first gathered a collection of articles in a blog on a particular topic, and then published them in the form of e-books. If you are one of the entrepreneurs who blog, but not sure that it is worthwhile or if you stay away from blogging because you think that nobody wants to read your blog, then the advantages described will give you a professional boost, that will help continue to act in this direction, or start a blog. I hope so.

based on "The Referral Engine: Teaching Your Business to Market Itself" book by John Jantsch

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