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Who Is America Waiting For: Most Well-Paid Immigrants in US

04/02/2015 - 17:42

The growing demand for professionals from the American employers led to a shortage of work visas in the United States under the quota, the Wall Street Journal said on Thursday, citing sources in the government and private companies.

Kat via flickr
Kat via flickr
Every year, beginning on April 1, US companies can apply for work visas such as H-1B. The number of visas issued is limited by quota of 65 thousand a year. Of this number, 20,000 visas are reserved for people with education not lower than master obtained in the United States. The rest are issued to foreigners with education not less than undergraduate.

During the economic crisis in the US, thousands of visas under the quota remained unclaimed. Last year visas ended during the week. This year, the exhaustion of the quotas will take only a few days, so that the authorities may have to hold a lottery among the professionals who want to get to work in the United States, according to the publication. Those who win the lottery will be able to issue documents to work in the United States and get to work since October of this year.

However, to obtain H-1B is not so easy - it is issued at the request of the employer on special conditions. The applicant must document their knowledge and skills, and have a minimum of a bachelor degree. The number of visas issued is limited, so every year the receive is becoming increasingly difficult. For example, in 2013, the limit on H-1B visas was exhausted on the first day of applying.

One of the fiercest lobbying expansion H-1B program in the Senate, Google CEO Eric Schmidt believes that skilled migrants help grow the American economy:
-We choose a very, very smart people, give them a diploma and throw on the market so that they can set up companies and compete with us. Employees themselves do not mind it.

TechCrunch journalists summed up OFLC published data and gathered them in a table. Facebook occurred to be the most profitable for owners of H-1B visas in 2015, with salary exceeded $ 135,000 per year in any position. But how companies determine the amount of compensation depending on the job? Most often, immigrants with work visa H-1B occupy in Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google or Microsoft five typical positions: Software Developer, System Developer, Financial Analyst, Computer Analyst and Marketer.

Salaries of Software Developers correlate with the general trend. The highest proposals are made by Facebook, the most modest - by the Amazon.

Salaries of Financial Analysts on Facebook on average 46% higher than that of Microsoft, which occupies the last place on generosity.

As for Computer Analysts, in this case Google turned out to be the most generous, which, however, pays its experts only $ 23,100 more than the most miserly in the category Amazon. Facebook is in the same golden mean, and this is the only position in which the social network does not pay more than anyone else.

Software Systems Engineers are better to try to avoid Microsoft, which was the most frugal in this category, with a wide margin of "colleagues". The company pays engineers immigrants only $ 82,828 a year - 27% less than the second avarice company. Again, this is Amazon.

And for marketing managers, came to the US for work, Microsoft is not the best employer. Although this category of backlog in salaries from the proposals of other companies is not as dramatic as in the previous one. Microsoft just pays them 10% less than the Amazon and Apple.

It is noteworthy that in general in 2014, about 7,000 immigrants on H-1B visas were paid more than $ 200,000, although the bulk of migrant workers earned less than $ 80,000.