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WhatsApp accuses Israeli NSO Group of spying on users

10/31/2019 - 07:23

WhatsApp and its owner Facebook filed a lawsuit in California court against Israeli high-tech company NSO Group and its owner Q Cyber Technologies. The messenger accuses the Israeli company of a hacker attack against about 1.4 thousand users in order to spy on them and gain access to correspondence.

Marco Verch via flickr
Marco Verch via flickr
WhatsApp believes that human rights defenders, lawyers and opposition figures from several countries, including Mexico, Bahrain and the UAE, became the target of the attack. In addition, the lawsuit states that NSO Group's clients include government agencies from Bahrain, Mexico and the UAE. In this regard, some media previously suggested that the NSO Group could act on the order of the authorities of several countries, which thus tried to monitor human rights activists and opposition figures.

In their lawsuit, WhatsApp and Facebook ask the court to convict the defendants of the violation of the American law on computer fraud and abuse, to prohibit them from working with any WhatsApp and Facebook platforms, as well as to impose a penalty, including the possible payment of compensation for violation of this law. The amount of compensation claimed is not disclosed.