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Walmart to cut hundreds of corporate employees and relocate staff

05/14/2024 - 10:28

The Wall Street Journal writes that Walmart Inc., the biggest retailer in the United States, is laying off hundreds of corporate staff members.
According to sources in the publication, the corporation is also requesting that the majority of its remote workers come back to the office. Furthermore, according to one of the sources, Walmart plans to transfer employees from its outlying offices—such as those in Dallas and Atlanta—to its corporate headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas, and other key hubs.

Although the company's employees will need to spend most of their time in the office, they will still have the option to work remotely on occasion.

Walmart is the biggest employer in the United States with over 1.6 million workers countrywide, the most of whom are employed in stores and warehouses. Tens of thousands of people work for the retailer's corporate office, according to WSJ.