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WSJ: China threatens to detain US citizens

10/19/2020 - 06:37

China has warned the US that American citizens may be detained in China in response to the detention of Chinese researchers in August, The Wall Street Journal writes with reference to sources.

Times Asi via flickr
Times Asi via flickr
According to the sources, since the summer of this year Beijing officials have repeatedly made relevant statements through various channels, including the U.S. Embassy in China.

"Chinese government officials have warned their American counterparts that they may detain United States citizens in China in response to prosecution by the US Department of Justice against Chinese researchers related to the military," the publication says. 

According to the newspaper, Beijing demands that the prosecution of Chinese citizens be stopped, otherwise "it may turn out that the Americans in China are violating Chinese laws".

Earlier WSJ reported that in August 2020, the U.S. authorities charged a number of Chinese scientists who worked in the U.S. centres with ties to the People's Liberation Army of China. And in September, the US introduced a requirement for senior Chinese diplomats to obtain State Department approval before visiting US university campuses and holding cultural events involving more than 50 people outside the mission area. Washington called this a response to Beijing's restrictions on American diplomats based in China.