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WP: Thousands of privated videos recorded on Zoom leaked online

04/06/2020 - 03:46

Thousands of video call recordings in the Zoom service have become publicly available, The Washington Post found out. Some videos posted on YouTube and Vimeo include personal data of people, closed financial data of companies and nudity.

Among the videos The Washington Post discovered were recordings of personal conversations of users, sessions with psychotherapists, training sessions, and school lessons. Some of the videos included the names and phone numbers of people, financial information at meetings of the management of small and medium-sized businesses, some other videos contain faces and voices of children or deeply personal conversations, the newspaper said. Many entries contain sensitive information of users, the publication added.

Many videos are recorded through Zoom’s internal tools: the conversation organizer may start recording without the consent of other participants, but they will receive a notification. All the publicly available videos were saved in separate online stores that are not password protected, said WP. Zoom names all recorded videos in a specific way, so they are easy to find through a search, the newspaper explained.

The service itself noted that it gives users the ability to securely store their conversation records. As for those who prefer other services for storing their videos, Zoom encouraged them to be careful and attentive to what important information may be disclosed during the call.

Zoom became extremely popular because of the coronavirus pandemic as many people had to transfer work, study, and chat into online. In March, the number of users of the service per day reached more than 200 million people, although there were 10 million in December, The Washington Post reported.