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WHO asks global community for $7.7B to fight COVID-19 delta strain

08/17/2021 - 10:45

The World Health Organization (WHO) asked the global community to allocate $7.7 billion to fight the spread of dangerous variants of the coronavirus, including the delta strain. A statement to this effect has been published on the organization's website.

It is planned to allocate the funds for financing the international ACT-Accelerator program operating since April 2020. The funds are needed to respond to the increasing spread of the delta variant and to work toward ending the pandemic worldwide, explained Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, head of the WHO. "This investment is only a small part of the cost to governments of fighting COVID-19," he added. He said that if "we cannot find the money now and stop the delta strain from spreading to the most vulnerable countries," the community "will have to pay next year.

The WHO stated that the world is now in the acute phase of the coronavirus pandemic, and the situation exacerbated by the low level of vaccination in many countries. The organization believes that as a result, "the world remains vulnerable to new variants" of the coronavirus, which may be more dangerous than those that have already spread.

Earlier, the WHO announced creation of a new panel of experts to study the origin of COVID-19. The organization said the study, published in March, does not refute hypotheses about the emergence of the coronavirus, and the goal of the new study is not to attribute blame to anyone, but to try to prevent other pandemics in the future.