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Volkswagen to launch China-focused electric vehicles platform in 2026

11/27/2023 - 06:41

Starting in 2026, the German Volkswagen Group plans to use a new platform to produce low-cost electric vehicles in China, according to a statement from the business.

Toby Jagmohan
Toby Jagmohan
The platform is being created in Hefei as part of the previously announced strategy of the concern, which includes tailoring cars to Chinese consumers' wants and utilizing more local components to speed up and lower production costs.

Xinhua news agency notes that Hefei is home to the first 100% Chinese subsidiary of Volkswagen dedicated to battery production.

The 45,000-square-meter plant, which can produce 150,000–180,000 high-voltage batteries annually, is situated close to the company's other production facilities. 96% of the parts used in the manufacture of these products are purchased by the company from regional vendors.



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