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Universum: Google is the most attractive employer

06/29/2016 - 15:12

Universum research firm released a ranking of the world’s most attractive employers for students. In 2016, Google once again took first place in the list of most desirable jobs for students of business, IT and engineering areas.

Maurizio Pesce
Maurizio Pesce
To compile the ranking, Universum’s experts surveyed nearly 267 thousand students from 12 countries - the largest economies in the world. These are Australia, Brazil, Britain, Germany, India, Italy, Canada, China, Russia, USA, France and Japan. The company has made two lists based on preferences of students from business areas, and those studying to become engineers and IT-specialists. 

Apple hit the top three in both ratings. Precisely, the company occupies the second place in the business ranking, and the third – in the IT and engineering. Last year, the iPhone maker held a seventh place in the list of most desirable jobs for future businessmen. Ernst & Young consulting company closes the three "business" leaders, followed by Goldman Sachs, PwC, Deloitte, Microsoft, KPMG, L`Oreal and J.P.Morgan. As for IT pros, the second place in their list of preferences was claimed by Microsoft, accompanied by Apple, BMW Group, and IBM closed the top five. The top ten also includes GE, Intel, Siemens, Samsung and Sony.

Manufacturers of consumer goods, which have strong brands related to "lifestyle" feel better than others, say the study’s authors. Adidas group has risen in the "business" ranking by the five lines - on the 19th place. The sportswear’s manufacturer, however lost its bitterest competitor – Nike. The latter debuted in the ranking on the 16th place. LVMH Group, the owner of Bulgari and TAG Heuer brands, soared from 34th to 28th place.

After the fall in oil and natural gas prices, the energy industry "has become much less attractive" for members of the Millennium generation, indicated Universum in its statement. Only one energy company showed up among the 50 most attractive employers for students of the business directions. It was Shell, which moved from 42th to 48th place. This year, the rating for «Engineering/IT» students demoted Shell from tenth to 14th place, ExxonMobil – from 18th to 22th, BP - from 36th to 41th.

Universum’s study involved more than 267,000 students from Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Russia, USA, China, Japan, Brazil, India, Canada and Australia. To be ranked, companies must enter 90% of the Best Employers in at least six countries. If the employer is not included in the list, or is not among the 90% of the best employers in the country, by default it gets a place, which is equivalent to the last position of the company among the top 90% of employers in this market. The results also receive so-called weight in accordance with the country's GDP. As a result, an employer’s high position in the United States has more weight than a similar position in India. 


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