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Unilever to remove the word "normal" from their products

03/10/2021 - 02:37

British-Dutch company Unilever has announced that it will no longer use the word "normal" to describe specific physical characteristics on cosmetic product packaging.

According to the company’s statement, research has shown that "using the word 'normal' to describe hair or skin colour makes most people feel as though they are not taken into account.

The same study found that most people felt that cosmetic and personal care product manufacturers should be more concerned with making consumers feel better about themselves, rather than just looking better. The majority of study participants also noted that when buying a product, they now pay more attention to where the manufacturer of that product stands on certain societal issues. 

Unilever has therefore decided to launch a 'Positive Beauty' campaign that will address these consumer expectations. The word 'normal' will be removed from 200 products of popular brands such as Dove, Lifebuoy, Axe, Sunsilk and others. In addition, Unilever is refusing to over-edit photo images of models for its advertising.

Last year, amid protests against racial inequality and criticism over the lack of diversity in advertising and product ranges with racial equality in mind, Unilever, like a number of other manufacturers, made changes to their product descriptions. 

For example, in Unilever's skin care range, the words 'light and attractive' have been replaced with 'radiant and attractive'. Similar steps were taken by L`Oreal, which dropped the words "whitening," "white," "luminous" and "brightening" from all of its skin-care product descriptions. And Johnson & Johnson has decided to stop selling skin-whitening creams and lotions altogether.


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