The Strategist

Uber tries on cooking classes

10/28/2019 - 06:54

Uber launched a service for booking culinary master classes through its application in test mode. So far, the experiment is being conducted only in San Francisco.

Uber is exploring a new way to offer customers food through Uber Eats, and this has nothing to do with delivery. Last Friday, Uber launched a pilot project called Uber Moments. It allows customers to book culinary master classes in the application, for example, on preparing ravioli or a five-course dinner.

Uber San Francisco customers have received a letter informing them that they can book Uber Moments for the next month, until November 17th. Among the “moments” proposed by Uber is the opportunity to attend a $ 75 lesson in cooking Chinese dumplings, and for $ 55 a five-course dinner of Nigerian cuisine.

“We are constantly looking for new ways to expand the capabilities of Eats,” said Uber spokesperson.

The experiment is designed for only one month and for one city. This is a very small try  for the giant of the international taxi market, but could potentially open up a new source of revenue for Uber and a new field for competition. For example, over the past three years Airbnb rental service has been working on its own Experiences platform, which users can book anything from surfing to private museum excursions. The platform already covers over 1,000 cities and over 40,000 leisure options. Online travel agents like Tripadvisor-owned Viator also offer cooking classes and guided tours. Uber Moments, so far, is apparently limited only to cooking.

Testing Uber Moments is in line with the company's desire to become more than just a taxi call app. In September, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi announced that the company intends to integrate taxi calling, Eats food delivery services and any other future products into the Uber main application. “As a company, we want to become the operating system of your daily life,” Khosrowshahi said. At that time, the company announced services like delivering products from stores. But with Uber Moments, it can also work with local entertainment and events.