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US refuse to impose sanctions against Belarus because of EU

10/01/2020 - 03:11

The United States refrained from joint sanctions with the UK and Canada against Belarus due to disagreements on this issue in the European Union, sources told Reuters. The agency previously reported that the three countries should have introduced joint sanctions.

According to Reuters interlocutors, Washington dropped the sanctions in the hope that Brussels would develop a common position on the restrictions. The US believes that this issue can be resolved within a week.

Recall, on September 29 the UK and Canada introduced sanctions against the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, his eldest son and high-ranking members of the government. The sanctions include a travel ban and an asset freeze on eight individuals. Previously, restrictions were imposed by the Baltic countries. In the EU, sanctions have not been agreed due to the position of Cyprus. The country is blocking the decision and demanding to impose sanctions against Turkey.

The countries that have imposed the sanctions believe that the presidential elections in Belarus were rigged. The imposition of restrictions is also associated with detentions and violence against demonstrators. Protest actions in the country have not stopped since the election day.