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US couple wins $2 mlrd payout against Bayer’s Roundup herbicide

05/15/2019 - 12:16

California jury ordered Bayer, the German chemical and pharmaceutical concern, to pay more than $ 2 billion to an American couple on the Roundup herbicide case.

Mike Mozart
Mike Mozart
According to the plaintiffs, the glyphosate in the composition of weed control produced by the American company Monsanto, which Bayer acquired last year, contributed to development of cancer in them. The prosecution also tried to convince the jury that Monsanto had manipulated the research data, wanting to hide the potential danger, according to Deutsche Welle.

This is the third process because of glyphosate, which Bayer loses.

Just like in the two previous cases, lawyers of the concern intend to file an appeal, insisting that Monsanto products could not harm human health, and glyphosate itself is completely safe. Currently, there are 13.4 thousand lawsuits filed against Monsanto in the courts of the United States.

There is no consensus about the effects of using glyphosate, the most common element in herbicides. The International Agency for Research on Cancer considers this substance "likely carcinogenic," while the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) claims that glyphosate is safe when used carefully. A number of EU regulators also reported no risks of developing cancer as a result of the use of this herbicide.

Glyphosate is widely used as a means of weed control.