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UNICEF: Extreme heat is putting over 243 million children's lives at risk

04/12/2024 - 03:15

According to UNICEF, the upcoming months' high heat might put over 243 million children in East Asia and the Pacific at danger of disease and death from health issues.

About 243 million children in East Asia and the Pacific are at risk of disease and even death due to health issues brought on by excessive heat, writes Bloomberg referring to UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) data.

Record temperatures are expected in these places in the upcoming months, according to UNICEF. Experts note that children are more susceptible to illnesses that might be brought on by heat since they are less able than adults to control their body temperature. These comprise asthma as well as long-term respiratory and cardiovascular conditions. 

"Children are particularly susceptible to the consequences of climate change, and they could die from exposure to extremely warm weather. In order to safeguard children and vulnerable communities from intensifying heat waves and other climate shocks, we need to be extremely vigilant this summer, stated Deborah Comini, Director of UNICEF's Regional Office for East Asia and the Pacific.