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UN believes situation in Myanmar will escalate into full-scale military conflict

10/22/2021 - 08:51

More than 1,180 people have been killed in Myanmar since the military seized power, UN Special Envoy for Myanmar Christine Schraner-Burgener has said. She believes the situation in the country may escalate into a full-scale military conflict.

Chuck Moravec
Chuck Moravec
Ms. Schraner-Burgener spoke at a briefing to mark the end of her tenure. She said the situation in Myanmar had deteriorated since the military came to power. According to her, locals do not recognise the new government.

"If the situation continues, we will have a full-scale internal armed conflict," Christine Schraner Burgener stressed. She said it was important that the international community and the UN "not give any signals or take any steps" that could be interpreted as recognition of the military's authority.

On February 1, Myanmar's military accused the civilian authorities of manipulating the elections and imposed a state of emergency on the country. More than 900 people were killed in protests against the coup d'état. More than 100 others were killed in clashes with security forces on Myanmar Armed Forces Day in late March.