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Twitter's head donates $10M to support crisis-affected families

05/28/2020 - 07:46

Twitter’s Head Jack Dorsey donated $ 10 million to a charity that will give out the money to 10,000 families affected by the crisis. Dorsey turned out to be the most generous billionaire during the pandemic: in April, he promised to send $ 1 billion to fight the disease - a third of his fortune at that time.

JD Lasica via flickr
JD Lasica via flickr
Jack Dorsey, general director of Twitter and Square payment platform, donated $ 10 million to the Project 100 charity, which supports American families affected by the novel coronavirus pandemic, Forbes said.

Project 100 is a joint project of the non-profit organizations GiveDirectly, Propel and Stand for Children. GiveDirectly has been supporting families in need for over seven years, starting with Kenya and Uganda, Forbes said. As indicated on the project’s website, the project sent money to 84,300 families (that is, raised more than $ 84 million, including a donation from Dorsey). The goal of the project is to help 100,000 American families. The recipients are automatically selected randomly among users of the Fresh EBT application, which is used to track food coupons. The project does not process individual applications.

The list of other notable people who supported the project include billionaire Lynn Schusterman and nonprofit Blue Meridian Partners, donated by Microsoft founder Bill Gates, as well as Steve Ballmer, Sergey Brin and Mackenzie Bezos, former wife of the world's richest man according to Forbes.

In April, Jack Dorsey announced that he would spend $ 1 billion on the fight against coronavirus. At that time it was almost a third of his fortune (according to data on May 27, Forbes estimated the wealth of Dorsey at $ 4.8 billion). After the pandemic is overcome, funds will go to projects in the field of women's health, education and unconditional basic income, the billionaire noted.