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Twelve silly cryptocurrencies

08/24/2017 - 12:36

Tokens are created both for something useful, and for entertainment. We present you a collection of twelve most silly altcoins.


An Internet meme Doge with a photo of a siba-inu and signatures in broken English enjoyed an enormous popularity back in 2013. Dogecoin originally appeared as a comic currency, but now everything is completely serious. The currency sponsored organization of Nascar races, construction of wells in Africa and a trip of the Jamaican bobsledder team to the Winter Olympics.

Capitalization: $ 190 million.


Mooncoin is tied to a new blockchain of the same name. The project aims to revolutionize the investment. Forget about researching companies and markets – now you can monetize your likes by earning Mooncoin, when other users like the same posts as you.

Capitalization: $ 10.3 million.


This crypto currency, created specifically for lovers of cannabis culture, is known primarily for the fact that it helped sponsor Dennis Rodman's trip to North Korea.

Capitalization: $ 32.3 million.

Legends Room

For 5000 tokens, you get a lifetime VIP membership in a Las Vegas strip club, among whose owners is mixed martial arts fighter Phil Baroni. All holders of these tokens receive a 20 percent discount (club members - 50 percent) for drinks and services, except for gambling.

Capitalization: $ 3.6 million.


This currency is intended "to support President Trump and his mission to make America great again." TrumpCoin’s ambassadors should write weekly texts on Facebook to get new coins. In January, before the inauguration, TrumpCoin traded at its maximum and cost 51 cents, and its capitalization then reached $ 3.38 million. By mid-August, however, it had fallen in price by almost seven times, and the coin's value was only 6 cents.

Capitalization: $ 0.5 million.

Insane Coin

This currency’s website says: "Insane Coin is not just a coin, it's an event ... a state of mind. You do not need to be crazy to be in our community, but it certainly will not hurt". Plans for development of this currency envisage creation of a voting system and opening an Insane Space store in England in 2018. 

Capitalization: $ 2.6 million.


Only 250,000 such coins will be mined in the next 300 years. Therefore, Unobtanium is going to become the rarest cryptotoken. "If Bitcoin is gold, then Unobtanium is platinum," says a video on the crypto currency’s website.

Capitalization: $ 14 million.


Everyone loves pandas! Pandacoin is designed for newcomers in the crypto currency market; it is understandable and easy to use. In fact, it works as a bank account. If you keep your Pandacoin in PandaBank, you get an income of 2.5% per annum, but only if your computer is connected to the Internet and the PandaBank tab is open.

Capitalization: $ 1 million.


Do you want a rainbow skin to your 9mm Glock-18 in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? With the help of this crypto currency you can buy more skins for weapons, and also exchange them. The initial placement of these tokens began on June 21, and by June 30 they already attracted investments of $ 3.3 million.

Capitalization: $ 2.5 million.


Initially, this was called Coinye West, but the project was stopped after a trademark infringement suit initiated by Kanye West, whose image (in the form of a fish in sunglasses) was used on the logo.

Capitalization: no

Useless Ethereum Token

"The first one hundred percent true ICO of Ethereum tokens in history." This crypto currency’s website is full of ridicule over ICO. Section FAQ: "What ... is this a joke? Is this a scam? Neither that, nor another! All honest, no cheating! You give your money to unknown dudes from the Internet and receive completely useless tokens in return". 

Capitalization: $ 0.12 million 

Ethereum Classic Classic

After Ethereum's hard-fork, which led to appearance of two blockchains, each of which had its own currency, one of the currencies was called Ethereum (ETH), and the other Ethereum Classic (ETC). However, when there were disagreements in Ethereum Classic, a new group broke away from this detachment. What is the name of their coin? Ethereum Classic Classic.

Capitalization: n/a.