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Toyota and Nissan Recall Thousands of Cars

05/13/2015 - 16:23

Today, Japanese automakers Toyota and Nissan announced the recall of 6.5 million additional vehicles because of problems with airbags. This is a new wave of recalls of cars with explosive airbags produced by the Japanese company Takata. In total, more than two dozen million cars from different manufacturers was withdrawn because of this defect since 2008.

Paul David
Paul David
Today it became known that Toyota and Nissan are recalling about 6.5 million vehicles because of problems with airbags manufactured by Takata. Toyota is recalling nearly 5 million vehicles produced between March 2003 and November 2007, the recall will affect 35 models, including Corolla and Vitz. 1.36 million cars will be withdrawn in Japan, 1.3 million - in Europe and about 640 in the United States. Nissan is recalling 1.56 million vehicles. Both automakers are saying that the recall is carried out just to check cars and there no accidents recorded. Another Japanese automaker, Honda, said they are preparing to recall the next batch of cars due to defective airbags. Last recalls of Honda cars, related to this issue, took place in March of this year - then 100 thousand of cars have been withdrawn in the United States.   

It indicates that the defect is fault of a block responsible for filling the airbag with gas, which may lead to delay in the system operation safety. In addition, it may lead to the disclosure with a force greater than the permissible, causing a risk of injury to the driver and passengers with plastic and metal fragments elements of the interior.

All these companies have previously recalled vehicles because of the defect. Takata’s airbags may explode and cause injury to the driver or the passenger in the front seat because of problems of air injection. In total, about 25 million vehicles were recalled because of problems with airbags, produced by Takata, since 2008. Among them are Honda, Nissan, Toyota, BMW, Chrysler, General Motors, Ford, Mazda, Mitsubishi and Subaru. Most vehicles - more than 14 million units - were recalled by Honda. Over the years, the injuries with metal fragments in the explosion of the airbag killed six people. In addition, more than 100 people were injured.

In October last year, the US Federal prosecutors launched an investigation against Takata. Japanese authorities are also investigating the company. At the end of last year, it became clear that management was aware of Takata mechanical problems with the air bag, which could cause them to explode in an accident and serious injury of passengers and the driver of the car, ten years ago. Takata is currently the world’s market leader for the supply of auto parts with the market share of 22%.


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