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Tickets to Disneyland and Disney World amusement parks go up in price

10/12/2023 - 07:18

According to CNBC, Walt Disney Co., the largest media and entertainment firm in the world, raised the cost of passes and tickets to Disneyland and Disney World parks on October 11.

The cost of single tickets for entering one park once a day, increased to $65 (4% on average), depending on the exact fare. The most costly single ticket will cost $194, while the lowest will only cost $104.

The cost of passes, which grant access to the park for multiple days, has also increased. This resulted in an almost 9% price increase for a two-day admission to $310 and an almost 16% price increase to $480 for a five-day pass.

The modifications also applied to annual passes. The most affordable one will now cost $499 (+11%), an additional $50. The most costly of these season tickets has gone up by the same amount, and it will now start to sell for $1.649 thousand (+3%).

Furthermore, parking at Disneyland and Disney World will cost up to $30, a 20% increase, but will stay free for visitors staying at Disney-themed hotels at the same time.

The corporation announced a push to sell children's tickets at a favorable price of up to $50 just one week before to the price rise, which coincided with a fall in the parks attendance.