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The world's first flying car will be available for order in 2019

09/26/2018 - 16:17

American company Terrafugia, owned by the Chinese automaker Geely, will start accepting preliminary orders for the world's first flying car in October this year.

The machine is a hybrid gasoline-electric flying car, said Terrafugia CEO Chris Jaran. Its delivery to customers will begin in 2019.

The flying car’s passenger capacity is two people. Switching between flight and driving modes will take only one minute; at that, the car will need a runway to take off and land.

The first batch of flying cars will be sold in the US. The final price of the car has not yet been revealed, the Xinhua news agency reports.

According to a source in Geely, a flying car is unlikely to enjoy wide popularity due to its high cost. Most likely, the novelty will be used to partially replace small aircraft and will be used mainly by enterprises or transport companies.

The next model of the flying car TF-2, which will be able to carry out vertical take-off and landing, will also be presented in October this year, and may be available for sale in 2023, Jaran said.

"Flying cars will help effectively solve problems associated with road congestion and will have a significant impact on socio-economic development and the environment," said Zhang Yangjun, an expert from Tsinghua University.

Geely is one of the largest private automakers in China with annual revenue of 270 billion yuan ($ 39 billion). The company is headquartered in Hangzhou, the administrative center of the eastern province of Zhejiang.

Geely acquired all the assets of Terrafugia in 2017.