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The US Navy to receive Zumwalt latest stealth destroyer worth $ 4,4 bln

05/16/2016 - 15:57

This week, new-class torpedo-boat destroyer Zumwalt will be transferred to the US Navy. This is the latest generation of the multi-purpose vehicle, designing of which took 15 years. Total price numbers $ 4.4 billion. The destroyer boasts with stealth technology, high level of automation, Tomahawk cruise missiles, long-range artillery systems, able to hit a remote target at a distance of more than 100 km, and a high-range combat and reconnaissance drone system.

U.S. Navy via youtube
U.S. Navy via youtube
This week, the US Navy will be given the latest generation torpedo-boat destroyer named Zumwalt (after Admiral Elmo Zumwalt). It is reported that work on the destroyer took about 15 years and costed $ 4.4 billion. The destroyer has been built at Bath Iron Works shipyard (Maine), owned by General Dynamics.

The ship’s length is 183 m, width - 24.6 meters, displacement - about 15 thousand tons. The destroyer’s power plant is capable to develop power of 58 MW at a speed of 20 knots, maximum capacity - 78 MW at a speed of 30 knots. Rolls-Royce company also took part in the design, granting the destroyer with a gas turbine power plant.

High level of automation and use of the latest technologies, including stealth, are among the destroyer’s main advantages. The high level of automation allows the destroyer to be managed by team of just 158 people. Geometric shape, characteristic to the stealth, is made of a special radar-absorbent material. The developers claim that the destroyer’s radar will make the ship look like a small fishing boat. It is also claimed that the ship's computer system has improved protection that eliminates unauthorized access and makes it difficult to deliver noise.

The destroyer is equipped with 20 latest vertical launch rocket modules (containers) Mk.57 of Raytheon Company. The rockets are able to come into attack by air, ground and sea targets. Compared to the previous generation, Mk.57 missile has greater autonomy and security in the event of a defeat or emergency situations on board. The ship's armament system includes Tomahawk cruise missiles, two 155-mm long-range artillery AGS with a range of up to 180 kilometers, an anti-aircraft missile system RIM's ESSM-162, anti-submarine missile system of Asroc family, and two small 30-mm gun mounts. The destroyer is built to use a helicopter of Sikorsky MH-60 Seahawk type, and three reconnaissance combat drones of MQ-8 Fire Scout helicopter type ranging up to 280 km. 

It is reported that the destroyer’s team training took about two years. The official ceremony, followed by Zumwalt interceded on combat duty, will be held in October in Baltimore. After that, the destroyer will go to its permanent location base in San Diego.

This summer, US Navy, South Korea and Japan are holding their first trilateral exercise on missile defense. As reported today by the local newspaper "Asahi", the exercises will be held in the region of Hawaii. These maneuvers, according to the newspaper, "will mean the actual connection of South Korea to Japan-US missile defense system in Asia, and will certainly cause protests from China."

The trilateral exercises, according to the newspaper’s sources, will be organized within the framework of the multinational naval exercises RIMPAC. The United States regularly hold it in Hawaii with its allies. This year, they will be held in June-August. The missile defense exercise will be attended by US, South Korean and Japanese warships, equipped with a multi-purpose computerized tracking and pointing system Aegis. They will work to intercept and destroy ballistic missiles.