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The European Commission Proposes to Tighten Control over Arms Sales

11/18/2015 - 17:31

Jean-Claude Juncker is calling for ban on internet trade of weapons and its components. According to him, we cannot allow it to fall into the hands of terrorists.

Jonathan Alpeyrie
Jonathan Alpeyrie
The European Commission proposes to tighten control over sale and registration of firearms in connection with the terrorist attacks in Paris. European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker pronounced this on Wednesday, November 18, in Brussels. “We cannot allow weapons fall into the hands of terrorists”, stressed he.
The Commission proposes to ban sale of weapons, components and ammunition via the Internet. Besides, they suggest creating uniform rules for the disposal. Disposed and deactivated automatic weapons or components have been subsequently detected at the terrorist attacks’ site, said European Commissioner for the internal market, industry, entrepreneurship and small businesses Elzbieta Bieńkowska.
According to Bieńkowska, Europe also need to "tighten the ban on certain types of semi-automatic firearms." "Under no circumstances" should it be provided to private persons, said the European Commissioner.
In the near future, the European Commission intends to present a plan to combat smuggling of arms and explosives.
According to the European Commission, about 80 million firearms are in the possession of legitimate owners. The total number of illegal circulation of weapons in the EU is still not established. Europol points out that more than 4 million unregistered units are being in circulation only in the Balkans. We also know that about 50 million have been declared lost or stolen. During the period from 2000 to 2010, more than 10 thousand EU citizens were killed with a firearm.
Presence of firearms in hands of the citizens causes fear in Europe: recent polls show that more than 58% of Europeans believe that the crime rate will only grow with its use. 64% believe that the EU should fight against this evil at the same time.
Weapons in the ISIS
Every month, Western weapons arrives at the hands of terrorists through different channels despite all the efforts of intelligence services. The fact is that Islamic state have not only modern, but also old weapons, captured in the first months of the war from the government troops. Only during the first year of the war, the fighters, actively supported by their Western backers, managed to capture about ten government warehouses in small, heavy and special anti-tank weapons, based on the good old Kalashnikov sample the 1970s and anti-tank systems.


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