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Tesla to partner with Baidu to bring car autopilot system to Chinese market

04/30/2024 - 05:06

According to Bloomberg, which cites sources, American automaker Tesla will collaborate with Chinese Internet behemoth Baidu Inc. to launch mapping and navigation features in the Full-Self Driving (FSD, "autopilot") driving assistance system on the Chinese market.

Data protection tests for Chinese-made Tesla electric vehicles have been passed with success. The China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM) claims that they were specifically evaluated on how they gather "sensitive personal information" and if the driver may simply stop this procedure.

Now, Tesla automobiles are not permitted to be used in government installations, including the Chinese military, due to concerns about data collecting.

Passing the tests will help ease concerns about introducing the FSD to the Chinese market. According to sources cited by The Wall Street Journal, Chinese authorities have informed the American company that they have provisionally approved the transfer.

In order to get this approval, Tesla CEO Elon Musk paid an unexpected visit to China on Sunday. Specifically, he had a meeting with Li Qiang, the prime minister of the nation.