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Telegraph: AstraZeneca admits that its COVID vaccine can cause thrombosis

05/01/2024 - 05:37

A class action complaint has been filed against the British-Swedish pharmaceutical corporation AstraZeneca, claiming that a COVID-19 vaccine that the business and Oxford University produced has major adverse effects.

Vacunació professionals
Vacunació professionals
The complaint claims that the vaccine resulted in injuries and fatalities in numerous cases. The company itself has acknowledged that, in rare instances, its vaccine may result in thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome, writes the Telegraph citing court filings.

The publication states that victims and surviving family members of the deceased have filed 51 claims in the High Court of England and Wales, seeking damages of up to 100 million. The initial application was submitted by Jamie Scott in 2023. After receiving the vaccination in April 2021, he experienced a blood clot and brain hemorrhage that left him permanently damaged.

Although AstraZeneca disputes the accusations, it did admit in a court filing from February that the vaccination may cause the mentioned conditions. The manufacturer clarified that each case should have expert testimony regarding the cause.