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Telegram's audience exceeds 500 million monthly active users

01/13/2021 - 02:52

In the first week of January, Telegram's monthly audience passed the 500 million active users mark. This was announced by the messenger's founder Pavel Durov. At the same time, in the last 72 hours, the audience, according to him, has grown by another 25 million.

Ulises Hernandez Pino/Corporación ApropiACYT
Ulises Hernandez Pino/Corporación ApropiACYT
Earlier on Tuesday, CNBC, citing data from research company Apptopia, reported that the number of Telegram downloads around the world rose markedly last week, reaching 5.6 million between January 6 and 10. On January 10, the messenger became the second most installed app in the US, The Telegraph wrote, citing Sensor Tower. Interest in Signal, another "secure" messenger, has also grown markedly.

CNBC attributed the surge in popularity of Telegram and Signal to WhatsApp's new terms of use. On 7 January, it updated its user agreement, adding a clause about sharing users' personal data with Facebook, which owns the messenger. WhatsApp explained that Facebook could obtain registration details (such as phone number), data on transactions and interactions with other users and organisations, device details with IP address and other information. Those who do not accept the rules by 8 February 2021 will not be able to use the messenger.

Commenting on the new WhatsApp rules, Durov said that Facebook reportedly has a special department to investigate why Telegram is popular. So that the US corporation could "save tens of millions of dollars", Durov decided to share the secret of the messenger's success for free: he advised Facebook to respect its users.